Copyright free SVG and print ready playing cards - by Adrian Kennard (RevK®)

For hundreds of years people have been [badly] copying playing cards (see this article for more details) and I am proud to be part of that long standing tradition and offer my SVG playing card sets, well, a lot of them in fact, to the public domain. The court cards are based on 19th Century Goodall & Son designs. There are loads of options, but some examples have been picked out to get you started. We have been working with Ivory Graphics and you can make print ready artwork for making real cards at the click of a button.

FREE DOWNLOAD of SVG or print ready PDFs

Some examples of customised decks

Standard deck




Old style

Double index

Left handed

Super index



4 colour



Duplimate bridge

FREE DOWNLOAD of SVG or print ready PDFs

See my blog post (here) for more details. No attribution required. Whilst I'd like a credit, and I would appreciate it if the link on the Ace of Spades was left intact, that is not a requirement. You can do what you like with these designs. The code is released on GitHub, and pull requests and comments are welcome.

© Copyright 2018 Adrian Kennard
Released under CC0 Public Domain licence.
Note: Duplimate patent appears to have expired so no licence is needed. Alteran characters may conceivably need a licence from MGM but the patterns are algorithmic so probably not. Get your own legal advice if concerned.